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418 Rigby Empty Cartridge Case

418 Rigby Empty Cartridge Case

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Product Description

The .416 Rigby cartridge, not ".418," is a powerful and renowned rifle cartridge primarily used for big game hunting in Africa. It has a fascinating history closely tied to the development of big game hunting cartridges and the evolution of African safari culture.

Here's a brief overview of the history of the .416 Rigby cartridge:

  1. Development Period (1911-1912): The .416 Rigby was developed by John Rigby & Company, a prestigious British gunmaker, in response to the demand for a cartridge capable of reliably taking down dangerous game such as elephants, rhinoceroses, and Cape buffalo. The cartridge was designed by John Rigby's in-house gunmaker William Ellis Metford. It was introduced in 1911-1912 and was initially chambered in the Rigby Mauser bolt-action rifles.

  2. Early Adoption: The .416 Rigby quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional stopping power and reliability, making it a favorite among professional hunters and sportsmen pursuing dangerous game in Africa.

  3. Notable Users: The .416 Rigby cartridge gained significant fame due to its association with famous hunters and adventurers like W.D.M. Bell, Karamojo Bell, and Jim Corbett. These individuals used the .416 Rigby cartridge for their expeditions, contributing to its reputation for effectiveness and reliability.

  4. Popularity and Decline: Despite its effectiveness, the popularity of the .416 Rigby waned over time as newer cartridges were introduced, offering similar performance with less recoil. However, it experienced a resurgence in popularity in the late 20th century as interest in African big game hunting revived.

  5. Modern Use: Today, the .416 Rigby cartridge remains a popular choice for big game hunters, particularly those targeting the largest and most dangerous species in Africa. It offers excellent stopping power and is capable of delivering deep penetration, making it well-suited for hunting thick-skinned and heavily-boned animals.

  6. Rifle Availability: While originally chambered in rifles built on Mauser 98 actions, the .416 Rigby cartridge has been adopted by various rifle manufacturers, and several modern rifles are chambered for it, including both bolt-action and double rifles.