Collection: Military Buckets


Experience a piece of World War II history with this genuine WWII British Canvas Bucket. This practical and durable artifact was an essential tool for British soldiers, reflecting the resourcefulness and ingenuity of wartime equipment.

  • Authenticity: Original WWII era, ensuring a true historical piece.
  • Material: Crafted from sturdy, water-resistant canvas, designed to endure the rigors of military use.
  • Condition: Well-preserved with authentic wear, showcasing its use and history.
  • Design: Features a collapsible design for easy storage and transport, with reinforced stitching and a robust metal handle for durability.
  • Dimensions: Practical size, typically holding up to 1 gallons of water, ideal for various field tasks such as carrying water, cleaning, and other utility purposes.
  • Historical Significance: Essential for daily operations, the canvas bucket was a versatile tool used by British troops for numerous tasks in the field, highlighting the ingenuity and practicality of wartime solutions.