Last year we began our consignment service to customers and it has proved a most successful move, both for us and the consignors that have consigned to us over this period. We have handled various items from collections to single higher value items.
please contact us directly for consignment rates.

On our website you will find that I offer a wide range of Militaria from the Boer War, WW1,WW2, Malayan Emergency, Korea, Cold War.

We have a good range of WW1 Medals, Web Equipment, and some really interesting Military Medal MM Sets. I have collected Medals and equipment all of  my life, and have several complete sets of soldiers equipment, from the boots to the exact contents that they would be carried in their webbing. I will be adding new items to my site every Friday and will post emails to all my subscribers. I also offer a medal mounting service. If you are looking for a specific piece of kit let me know and I will try my best to find for you. I am very good at finding kit.