Collection: Trench Art

Trench art is a form of decorative art that was created by soldiers, prisoners of war, and civilians during times of conflict, particularly during World War I and World War II. It was often made using materials that were readily available, such as spent bullet casings, shell casings, and other metal debris.

Trench art can take many forms, including decorative items such as vases, lamps, and figurines, as well as practical items such as ashtrays and letter openers. The objects are often intricately designed and engraved with images and patterns.

Trench art has historical and cultural significance as it reflects the experiences and emotions of the people who created it. The art form emerged as a way for soldiers to cope with the traumas of war and to pass the time during periods of boredom. It also served as a way to commemorate important events and people, as well as to express national and cultural identity.