Collection: WW1 MM British Military Medals

MM stands for Military Medal, which is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the British Armed Forces and Commonwealth countries for acts of bravery and gallantry in the field.

The Military Medal was first established in 1916 during World War I and was awarded until 1993 when it was replaced by the Military Cross. The medal was awarded to soldiers of all ranks, although it was mainly awarded to non-commissioned officers and other ranks.

The medal was awarded for a wide range of acts of bravery, including acts of bravery under fire, leadership, and devotion to duty. Recipients of the Military Medal were entitled to use the post-nominal letters "MM" after their name.

The design of the Military Medal featured the effigy of the reigning monarch on the obverse, while the reverse featured the words "For Bravery in the Field" surrounded by a laurel wreath. The medal was suspended from a ribbon with a central stripe of dark blue flanked by two stripes of white.

In total, over 115,000 Military Medals were awarded between 1916 and 1993. Today, the medal remains a symbol of courage and bravery.