Collection: WW2 British Civilian Gas Mask

During World War II, the British government issued gas masks to civilians as a precaution against potential gas attacks. These gas masks were designed to filter out harmful gases, including chlorine and mustard gas, which could be used in a chemical attack.

The most common type of gas mask issued to British civilians during World War II was the "General Civilian Respirator", also known as the "Gas Mask No. 4". This gas mask was made of black rubber and had a filter cartridge attached to the front. It covered the entire face and was designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The gas mask was also fitted with a valve that allowed the wearer to exhale without fogging up the eyepieces.

In addition to the gas mask itself, civilians were also issued with a gas mask case, which was typically made of cardboard or metal and had a strap for easy carrying. The gas mask case often had instructions printed on it, as well as a label that indicated the date of manufacture and the expiry date of the filter cartridge.

Today, WW2 British civilian gas masks are popular among collectors of military memorabilia and vintage items. They offer a tangible link to the experiences of civilians during the war and provide insight into the measures taken to protect the population in the event of a gas attack.