Collection: British Silver Crowns

British Silver Crowns are large-sized silver coins that were issued by the British government. These coins have a face value of five shillings.

The design of British Silver Crowns has varied over time, reflecting different periods and rulers. However, there are certain common features found on many of these coins.

The obverse side typically features a portrait of the reigning monarch. The design may include the monarch's name, regnal title, and any relevant inscriptions. The portrait is often accompanied by a decorative border or pattern.

On the reverse side, there is usually a prominent image or emblem. One of the most iconic reverse designs found on British Silver Crowns is the depiction of St. George slaying a dragon. This design, known as the George and Dragon motif, has been used on several British coins throughout history. The reverse side may also include other symbols, heraldic elements, or commemorative motifs related to specific events or anniversaries.

British Silver Crowns have traditionally been minted using sterling silver, which is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This alloy provides durability and helps preserve the coin's condition over time. The coins typically have a diameter of around 38.61 millimeters and weigh approximately 28.28 grams.