Collection: SAA: Up to .50 CAL

"Unlock the safety and versatility of our premium selection of INERT small arms ammunition. Ideal for training, education, and display, our inert cartridges replicate the look and feel of live rounds without the associated risks. Perfect for firearms enthusiasts, educators, and collectors alike, our INERT small arms ammunition offers a reliable and secure option for hands-on learning and demonstration. Crafted with precision and marked clearly as inert, our cartridges ensure a seamless experience without compromising authenticity. Explore our wide range of calibers and models, and experience the peace of mind that comes with safe and effective training tools"


All inert ammunition and ordnance is inert and can be legally owned by non-licenced collectors, inert rounds are emptied of the powder and the primer caps are either struck or soaked in oil to make inert, ordinance such as grenades and bombs are deactivated by accordance to the law, so are made safe and inert