Inert Ammunition

Inert  Ammunition

 INERT AMMUNITION is produced from suitably re-sized or new cases which will have a fired primer or no primer, unless inert, unstruck primers are requested.  The cases will be fitted with a new bullet. 

All inert rounds supplied by Tom & Jerrys contain no explosive material what so ever.
Antique Armoury CANNOT undertake the sale of rounds with treated primer caps, live primers, blank ammunition or live ammunition to any person.

Tom & Jerrys inert ammunition is offered for DISPLAY  PURPOSES ONLY.

Inert rounds purchased from Tom & Jerrys MUST NEVER BE:-
1. Inserted into any weapon, either real or replica.
2. Mis-handled in any way as to cause injury or distress to either the purchaser or any other person
3. Broken into individual components for any purpose, especially for reloading with the intention to shoot

Due to bulk purchases of components, reject or factory second products are often used in the manufacture of inert ammunition and are unsuitable for live firing.

Sale of these items is restricted to persons of 18 years of age or over, Age Declaration Required.

Liability cannot be accepted or implied for any injury caused by mis-use of any item supplied by Tom & Jerrys.

Placing an order with Antique Armoury will be deemed to be made with the purchaser’s full compliance with Tom & Jerrys Terms of Trading.