Collection: British Army WW2 Cooking Stoves, Tommy Cookers, Hurlock stoves

During World War II, the British Army used a number of different types of portable cooking stoves, including the Tommy Cooker and the Hurlock stove.

The Tommy Cooker was a small, portable stove that was designed for use by soldiers in the field. It consisted of a small, cylinder with a lid, and it burned liquid fuel to heat up water or cook food. The Tommy Cooker was lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry with soldiers on the move.

The Hurlock stove was a larger, more robust stove that was used by the British Army for cooking in the. It was a gasoline-fueled stove that could be used to cook large quantities of food at once, and it was designed to be easy to transport and set up in the field.

Both the Tommy Cooker and the Hurlock stove were important tools for the British Army during World War II, as they allowed soldiers to prepare hot meals and drinks even in remote locations or while on the move. Today, these stoves are considered collectors' items and are prized by military history enthusiasts and reenactors.