Collection: King William IV 1830-1837

During the reign of King William IV from 1830 to 1837, British coinage remained relatively stable, with no significant changes to the designs or denominations. The coinage continued to feature the King's effigy on the obverse, created by William Wyon, and the traditional "Bull Head" design on the reverse. The denominations ranged from gold sovereigns and crowns to silver shillings, sixpences, and copper pennies and farthings. However, the issue of poor-quality copper coinage persisted, leading to public discontent. In response to the demand for better coins, a select number of experimental proof coin sets were issued to collectors, showcasing superior minting quality. Despite these numismatic developments, the reign of King William IV was relatively short, and there were no groundbreaking changes in the coinage system during this period. The coinage issued during his reign serves as a testament to the continuity of British currency, maintaining a sense of tradition amid the ever-changing political landscape of the time.