Collection: British Army WW2 Underwear

During World War II, the British Army issued a range of underwear to its soldiers. The underwear was designed to be comfortable, durable and practical for use in the field.

The basic components of the British Army's WW2 underwear were a vest and underpants. The vest was a sleeveless undershirt made of cotton and was designed to be worn under the soldier's uniform. It was designed to provide an additional layer of insulation and to help keep the soldier's body dry by absorbing sweat.

The underpants were also made of cotton and were designed to be comfortable and practical for use in the field. They were often made with a button fly and had an elasticated waistband to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

In addition to the basic vest and underpants, soldiers were also issued with a range of other clothing and equipment, including socks and boots, which were designed to be durable and comfortable for long periods of wear.