Collection: Treasury Series, Banknotes Signed By John Bradbury (1914-1919)

The Treasury Series refers to a set of banknotes issued by the British government during World War I, from 1914 to 1919, as emergency currency. To combat the economic challenges of the war, the British Treasury decided to print these banknotes, known as Bradbury Pound notes, named after the Treasury Secretary, John Bradbury. Unlike previous banknotes, these were not backed by gold or other assets but were instead declared as legal tender by the government. The Bradbury Pound notes were notable for their unique design, featuring patriotic and intricate engravings representing Britain's strength and unity during the war. The series played a crucial role in supporting the country's financial stability during a challenging period, although they were gradually phased out after the war ended, returning to traditional asset-backed banknotes.


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