Collection: German 100 Reichsbanknote

Rectangular off-white paper currency with a graphic design in black and blue ink. The face has a light blue interlocked oval patterned background with a narrow blue geometric border.

In the top center is a faint gray numerical denomination 100, followed by an O with a strikethrough. Across the center is a large, deep blue, sinister-facing eagle with outstretched wings, a crown, and a shield breastplate.

Superimposed over the eagle is German fraktur text in black and blue ink, including the denomination Ein Hundert Mark, and on the lower left, the denomination 100. The serial number is printed vertically on each side in green ink.

On the upper and lower right is the bank seal with the Imperial eagle in green ink. The back has a light blue diamond patterned background within a frame with a geometric outer border and a narrow inner border enclosing the repeating phrase, 100 MARK BANKNOTE.

The serial number and letter are printed in green ink at the top and bottom center. The numerical denomination 100 is printed diagonally on scrolled banners in each upper corner. In the center is a large, circular medallion with scrolled borders with a portrait of a middle-aged woman, with long flowing hair, crowned with a floral wreath.

Two young women in white draped gowns are posed on each side with their hands on the frame. The woman on the left has a helmet, crystal formation, and mallet at her feet; the woman on the right has grain sheaves, fruit, and flowers. The note is discolored and creased.