Collection: Morris's Cigarette Cards

Morris's Cigarette Cards hold a place in the history of tobacco-related collectibles, although they are not as widely recognized as some other brands. Here's an overview of their history:


  • Morris's Cigarette Cards were associated with the tobacco brand Morris & Son, a British company that operated during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • The company, like many others at the time, used cigarette cards as a marketing tool to promote their tobacco products.

Introduction of Cigarette Cards:

  • Morris & Son began including illustrated cards in their cigarette packets as a promotional tactic.
  • These cards were typically small in size and featured a variety of subjects, including sports, famous people, historical events, and nature.

Themes and Series:

  • Morris's Cigarette Cards covered diverse themes, catering to a broad audience of smokers and collectors.
  • While specific series produced by Morris & Son may not be as well-documented as those of larger tobacco companies, it's likely that they featured similar subjects common to cigarette cards of the era.

Artistic Design and Quality:

  • Like other tobacco companies, Morris & Son likely focused on the artistic design and quality of their cigarette cards to appeal to consumers.
  • The cards may have featured colorful illustrations and informative text on the reverse side, providing collectors with both visual appeal and educational value.