Collection: British Army OR,s Service Dress

The 1922 Pattern Service Dress Jacket for Other Ranks is a military uniform jacket that was introduced by the British Army in 1922 as a replacement for the earlier Service Dress uniform. The jacket was worn by enlisted soldiers in the British Army and other branches of the British armed forces during the interwar period and through World War II.

The jacket is made of khaki wool serge and features a high collar, four buttons, and two breast pockets. The cuffs are pointed and feature two buttons each. The front of the jacket is tailored with a slight flare and features a waist belt that can be fastened with two brass buttons. The back of the jacket features two pleats that allow for ease of movement.

The 1922 Pattern Service Dress Jacket is notable for its distinctive appearance and the significant changes it introduced to the British Army's uniform design. The jacket replaced the earlier Service Dress uniform, which was considered impractical and outdated for modern warfare. The new uniform was designed to be more comfortable and functional, with a more practical cut and streamlined design.