Collection: British Army Soldiers Service Books

The British Army Soldiers Service Book was a record-keeping document used by the British Army during and after World War II. The book was issued to every soldier, and it was designed to keep track of the soldier's personal and military information throughout their time in service.

The Service Book contained a variety of information, including the soldier's name, date of birth, service number, and next of kin. It also recorded the soldier's medical history, vaccinations, and any injuries or illnesses sustained while on duty.

The Service Book also included a record of the soldier's promotions, disciplinary actions, and any training courses or qualifications earned during their service. At the end of their service, the soldier's discharge information was recorded in the book.

The Service Book was an important tool for the British Army, as it helped to ensure that accurate and comprehensive records were kept for every soldier. It also provided valuable information for the soldier's superiors and medical personnel, helping them to make informed decisions about the soldier's deployment and care.

Today, the Service Book is considered an important historical document, as it provides a detailed record of the experiences and contributions of individual soldiers during and after World War II. Many Service Books have been preserved by soldiers and their families, and they are often studied by military historians and researchers as a valuable source of information about the war and its impact on those who served.