Collection: WW1 German Medal Ribbons

The medal ribbons awarded to German soldiers during World War I are an important piece of military history and can be of great interest to collectors and historians.

During World War I, the German Empire issued a variety of medals and decorations to its soldiers in recognition of their service and bravery. The ribbons worn with these medals are often brightly colored and intricately designed, reflecting the military and cultural traditions of the time.

Some of the most notable German WWI medal ribbons include:

  • Iron Cross: Awarded for bravery or military merit, the Iron Cross ribbon features a distinctive black and white design with a red stripe in the center.

  • Order of the Red Eagle: Awarded for service and loyalty to the German Empire, the ribbon features a bold red stripe flanked by smaller white and black stripes.

  • Order of the Crown: Awarded for service to the state, the ribbon features a white and black design with a narrow red stripe down the center.

  • Pour le Merite: Also known as the "Blue Max," this medal was awarded for exceptional bravery and service. The ribbon features a distinctive blue and white design with a gold stripe in the center.

Other notable German WWI medal ribbons include the Military Merit Cross, the Military Merit Medal, and the Hindenburg Cross.

Overall, the ribbons worn with German medals during World War I provide a glimpse into the military and cultural traditions of the time and can be a valuable addition to a collection of military history artifacts.