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King George V One Penny Coins 1914-1919

King George V One Penny Coins 1914-1919

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The King George V WW1 One Penny coins, minted between 1914 and 1919, are a historical treasure from the era of the First World War. These coins were circulated extensively throughout the British Empire and remain a popular collectible item for numismatists and history enthusiasts alike.


  • Obverse Design: The obverse of the coin features a left-facing portrait of King George V, designed by Bertram Mackennal. The inscription around the portrait reads "GEORGIVS V DEI GRA: BRITT: OMN: REX FID: DEF: IND: IMP:" which translates to "George V, by the Grace of God, King of all the Britons, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India."

  • Reverse Design: The reverse side of the coin depicts Britannia seated facing right, wearing a helmet and holding a trident. Her left hand rests on a shield bearing the Union Jack. The denomination "ONE PENNY" and the year of minting are inscribed around the design.

  • Material: The coins are made of bronze, consisting of 95% copper, 4% tin, and 1% zinc. This composition gives the coins a distinct reddish-brown appearance.

  • Diameter and Weight: Each coin measures 30.81 millimeters in diameter and weighs approximately 9.4 grams.

  • Edge: The edge of the coin is plain, without any inscription or milling.

Historical Context:

  • WW1 Era: These coins were minted during the tumultuous years of World War I, a period marked by significant global conflict and change. They serve as a poignant reminder of the era and the British Empire's role in the war.

  • Economic Significance: During this time, the penny was a crucial part of daily transactions and the backbone of the British currency system. The extensive circulation of these coins reflects the economic activities and everyday life of the people during the war years.


  • Rarity and Condition: The value of King George V WW1 One Penny coins can vary significantly based on their condition and rarity. Coins in mint or near-mint condition, especially those from years with lower mintages, are highly sought after by collectors.

  • Historical Value: Beyond their monetary worth, these coins are valued for their historical significance. Each coin represents a piece of the past, offering a tangible connection to the early 20th century and the First World War.


  • Care: To maintain their condition, these coins should be stored in a dry, cool environment, ideally in a coin holder or album. Handling should be minimized to prevent wear and tarnish.

  • Cleaning: Cleaning old coins is generally discouraged as it can diminish their value. If necessary, they should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth and distilled water, avoiding any abrasive materials or chemicals.


The King George V WW1 One Penny coins from 1914 to 1919 are not just currency; they are historical artifacts that capture a significant era in world history. Their detailed craftsmanship, historical context, and enduring legacy make them a cherished addition to any coin collection