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5.56×45mm NATO Ammunition M27 Disintegrating link

5.56×45mm NATO Ammunition M27 Disintegrating link

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Product Description

The 5.56×45mm NATO M27 disintegrating link is a type of metallic ammunition link used primarily with 5.56mm NATO ammunition belts for machine guns. Here's a breakdown of its characteristics:

  1. Material: Typically made of steel, the M27 disintegrating link is designed to withstand the stress of repeated use without deforming or breaking.

  2. Design: The M27 link is designed to hold cartridges together in a belt-fed system, allowing them to feed into the weapon smoothly and reliably. It features a series of loops or hooks that engage with the cartridge rims, keeping them aligned and preventing jams during the firing process.

  3. Disintegrating Feature: One key aspect of the M27 link is its disintegrating nature. As the name suggests, these links are designed to break apart as the cartridges are fed into the weapon. This feature eliminates the need for manual removal of links after firing, reducing the logistical burden on soldiers and improving the efficiency of the reloading process.

  4. Compatibility: The 5.56×45mm NATO M27 disintegrating link is specifically designed to work with ammunition of the same caliber and NATO standard. This ensures compatibility across various firearms chambered for the 5.56mm NATO round, including light machine guns like the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon).

  5. Military Application: The M27 disintegrating link is primarily used in military applications where sustained automatic fire is required. It allows for the efficient feeding of ammunition from belts into machine guns, providing soldiers with a reliable source of firepower during combat operations.