Collection: World War 1 Militaria

World War I militaria encompasses a wide range of collectible items from the Great War, including uniforms, helmets, weapons, equipment, and personal items. These items are valued by military history enthusiasts, collectors, and museums around the world.

Some examples of World War I militaria include:

  • Uniforms: Military uniforms from World War I are highly sought after by collectors. They were typically made with high-quality materials, such as wool, leather, and metal. Collectors may look for specific uniforms worn by soldiers or officers from a particular country or unit.

  • Helmets: Helmets were an essential piece of equipment for soldiers during World War I. Some of the most famous helmets from the war include the German Pickelhaube, the British Brodie helmet, and the French Adrian helmet.

  • Weapons: Rifles, pistols, and other weapons used during World War I are also collectible items. Some of the most famous weapons from the war include the German Mauser rifle, the British Lee-Enfield rifle, and the American M1911 pistol.

  • Trench Art: Trench art refers to items that were made by soldiers during their downtime in the trenches. These items can include shell casings, bullet casings, and other materials that were repurposed into decorative or functional items.