Collection: Post 1945 Militaria

Post-1945 militaria includes a wide range of collectible items from the Cold War era and beyond, including uniforms, helmets, weapons, equipment, and personal items. These items are valued by military history enthusiasts, collectors, and museums around the world.

Some examples of post-1945 militaria include:

  • Cold War uniforms: Military uniforms worn during the Cold War period are highly sought after by collectors. These uniforms were typically made with modern synthetic materials and featured distinctive design elements from different countries, such as the Soviet Union's Red Army uniform or the United States Army's M-65 field jacket.

  • Modern weapons: Firearms used by modern military forces are also collectible items. These can include assault rifles, handguns, and machine guns used by different countries and units.

  • Special Forces gear: Equipment used by special forces units, such as tactical vests, helmets, and body armor, are also collectible items. These items are often highly specialized and feature advanced technology and materials.

  • Military medals and decorations: Medals and decorations awarded to military personnel for valor, service, or achievement are also popular among collectors. These can include medals from different countries, such as the United States Purple Heart or the Soviet Union's Order of the Red Banner.