Collection: British Army WW1 Cap Badges

During World War I, the British Army used a range of cap badges to identify the various units and regiments of the army. These cap badges were worn on the front of the soldiers' caps and were made of brass or other metals.

The cap badges of the British Army during World War I was highly varied, with many different designs and symbols used to represent different units and regiments. Some of the most notable cap badges of the period include the following:

  • The Royal Artillery cap badge, featured a cannon with a scroll below it inscribed with the words "Ubique" (meaning "everywhere") and "Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt" (meaning "Where Right and Glory Lead").

  • The Royal Engineers cap badge featured a large "RE" monogram with a laurel wreath surrounding it.

  • The Royal Army Medical Corps cap badge featured a serpent wrapped around a staff with the letters "RAMC" below it.

  • The Highland Light Infantry cap badge featured a stag's head and the regimental motto "Nemo Me Impune lacessit" (meaning "No One Provokes Me With Impunity").